Sunday, June 1, 2008

Breakfast today was unique in my 12 years of business!

I had one guest who was vegetarian--and one who was pregnant (which I did not know in advance)

I usually serve 4 things--and I knew the vegetarian could eat three of them---and when I found out the other guest was pregnant, I knew that she could eat three of the four as well.

As I was taking the baked pineapple out of the oven (a dish that everyone could eat), I was holding it with my asbestos gloves--when the 13 X 9 pyrex casserole dish exploded in my hands!

Pineapple, butter, juice, and shattered glass were everywhere!

And everyone at the table heard it---fortunately, none of the glass hurt me at all--and the other food was either in the oven or on the table already, so no shards of glass got into the other food.

Everyone was very understanding, and we all learned something from this--and my guests suggested that I put this on my blog today!

My mother always told be to be careful with casserole dishes--that if you put one drop of water on them when they were hot, they'd shatter. I had listened, but I'd never had that come up.

I figured that I had used one of my thick gloves a little earlier, and some water had gotten on it. When I picked up the casserole dish, the water came in contact with the glass just long enough for it to shatter!

So, use this as a warning---even a little water on your oven gloves on a 350 degree pyrex dish could be a disaster.

We had the baked tomatoes, bacon-cheese bread, and spinach, ricotta, and cheddar pie, and no one seemed to miss the baked pineapple at all.

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